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Descendants of local legends open a pastry shop in honor of their family.

Growing up, my mother Delia Dickey, affectionately known as “D” was a serial entrepreneur who owned restaurants, a flower shop and more. She’s always been such an amazing cook but we always outsourced our desserts to local cake makers, pie makers etc.

Our father was a legendary DJ in the city of Wilmington at WWIL who went by the name of “Sweet D”, he’s the one that got us prepared for the most delectable sweets in the city.  Our deep freezer was always filled with cookies, cakes & pies made by some of the best in the southeast.  So putting together the entrepreneurial spirit and the constant quest for the best sweets in the southeast blazed a trail for us to open Sweet D’s.

Sweet D’s embodies the traditions from generations of our family, with our Cuban Grandma Marjorie’s famous bread pudding, sweet plantains all the way over to our Grandfather W.K. Raynor’s southern biscuits with molasses. Sweet D’s really is about family, so from one family to another, we sincerely hope you feel like family with every delectable treat you ever experience at Sweet D’s.  When we think about family, we think about gatherings filled with celebrations and love, so when you’re here, you’re family.

Thank you so much for choosing Sweet D’s.

Sweet D’s Founder + Chief Croissant Maker

Sweet D's Cuisine - Family Photo
Sweet D's Team
Sweet D's Cuisine - Kid Decorating Cookie with Edible Cake
Sweet D's Team
Sweet D's Cuisine Owner Brian Dickey


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